The Astronomy Group, are world experts in the study of compact stellar objects. They observe x-ray and gamma-ray sources and are leaders in the Integral space mission. The Space Environment Physics Group within the Astronomy Group, study the Earth's upper atmosphere and magnetosphere and its interaction with the Sun.

The Quantum, Light & Matter Group explores how matter interacts at the smallest and fastest scales, and is partnered with two major internationally renowned centres: the UK NanoPhotonics Centre, and the Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC).

The Theoretical Particle Physics Group's work on fundamental physics was particularly highlighted in our 5* RAE report. The group studies the strong and weak nuclear forces, and the origin of particles' masses. The group is a leading player in the large UK Lattice QCD computer collaboration.



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The School of Physics and Astronomy is world renowned for the work of its three major research groups.